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Pressurization of Staircases

System design shall be based on the requirements of British Standard 5588 “FirePrecautions in the Design of Buildings”: Part 4 “Smoke Control in protected escape routes using pressurization” (latest edition).

The minimum pressurization level of 50 Pa shall be achieved with all doors closed and all pressure relief systems operating. The maximun design pressurization level shall be such that under no circumstances shall the combined force, to overcome the pressure differential across any door and the action of the door closer, exceed 133N (13.5 kgf) when applied at the designed door opening handle or push plate position.

Calculations shall allow for pressurization to be maintained and/or the minimum average egress velocity through all entry doorways of 0.75 m/s be maintained with any three single leaf doors (one on each of 3 consecutive levels) and the largest exit door open, plus leakage allowances for all other doors.


Note that in British Standard 5588: Part 4 CLAUSE 6.1, Code of Practice 352 hasbeen withdrawn and replaced by British Standard 5720.

Pressurization of Staircases

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