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Fire Services Hydrant systems

The hydrant shall be prominently sited in an approach lobby to a staircase or in the staircase enclosure. When recessed there shall be an all round clearance between any part of the hydrant outlet and valve and the enclosing walls sufficient to permit the free use of the hydrant and the fitting of an adaptor. When not recessed the hydrant shall be adequately protected against damage. As an optional safe guard against tampering or pilfering, the hydrant whether or not installed in recessed position, may be protected by lockable glass panels/cabinets, provided that the glass shall be of fragible type and shall not exceed 3 mm in thickness, and that it shall be of such size and design as would not cause any obstruction to the free use of the hydrant. Such glass panels/cabinets may be linked to security alarms. The hydrant shall not obstruct wholly, partly or indirectly any door opening, or the required width of any exit route.

The hydrant shall be so sited as not to be concealed by the leaves of an adjacent door when that door is opened. Water supply for hydrant system may be fed by static pressure directly from the elevated water tank without fixed fire pump if such pressure and flow are sufficient to give the required performance

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