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Automatic actuating devices

Pursuant to the Code of Practice for Fire Resisting Construction issued by the BuildingAuthority, fire shutter shall be constructed, installed and assembled to the satisfaction of theBuilding Authority. The operation of fire shutters shall be designed, installed, tested and maintained to the satisfaction of the Director of Fire Services.

Unless otherwise agreed by the Director of Fire Services, all fire shutters shall be provided with smoke detector(s) and manual control device(s) on both sides of wall openings for automatic and manual operation respectively. The detectors shall be installed as far as practicable to the provisions of the Fire Offices' Committee Rules for Automatic Fire Alarm Installations. The descending time of a vertical shutter shall be within 15 to 60 seconds for closing/opening in excess of 2.5 m in height. For openings of height within 2.5 m, the descending time shall not be faster than 8 seconds and that the bottom rail of the shutter shall reach the mid-height in not lessthan half the total descending time of the shutter.

For opening which is protected by horizontal travelling fire shutter, the shutter shall be able to close off the opening within 60 seconds and under no circumstances its travelling speed shall be greater than 0.2 m/s or the safety limit specified by the equipment manufacturer. If the opening is of such a size that the travelling time of the horizontal fire shutter is longer than 60 seconds, approval shall be obtained from the Director of Fire Services. Under such circumstances, other means for automatic actuation of the horizontal fire shutter at early stage of fire may be required.


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