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Our company provide following services, including:

computer sys

  • Supply、maintain、construct every types of building with different types of fixed fire services equipment,provide reliable and perfect services to design、consult、maintain、inspect、test and repair every types of fire services items at same times;
  • Sales portable equipment conforming to requirements of Hong Kong Fire Service departmnt including portable & fixed fire extinguishers、fire blanket、spray fire protection paints etc…
  • Every fire protection Engineering
  • Assisting in obtaining ventilation system certification
  • According to fire services department issuing instructions or warning from clients,carry out system improvement or maintenance、submitting documents plus drawings、follow up until warning cancel.
  • provide fire services design conforming to any terms or requirement from fire services lisence for dangerous good store, restaurnts and places of public entertainment.
  • Act as media among from structural engineer, architect, electrical engineer and so on to me, client obtain professional advice directly, avoiding waste a lot of time and money.
Fire Engineering for fire services fixed equipment including following category:
water-foam sys
  • Carbon Dioxide CO2 Fire fighting system:Suitable for Electrical switch room、Transformer room、Boiler room etc …
  • FM200 Fire fighting system:Suitable for Central computer room or room which place important document or items etc …
  • Provides automatic fixed sprayer's design and improvemnet for 1211-BCF replacemnet ofdangerous good store.
  • Assisting in obtaining design、installation、maintenance、repairing、supply or consulting any fire services equipment in relation to following buildings: Places of public entertainment、 food manufacturing workshop、Restaurant、Old people care centres、Child care centres、Medical place、Educational centres laboratory、schools、Dangerous good store、Office、Store、 Construction sites、Electrical switch room、lift machine room、pump room etcmore
  • Provides Professional for different clients ,to instruct and teach the knowledge of every types of fire services equipmnet and hand holding devices such as fire service inlet & hose reel、Sprinkler system、Automatic fire alarm system (smoke、heat detector)、 Manual alarm system、 Carbon Dioxide CO2 Fire fighting system、FM200 automatic fire fighting system、Fire protection anti-smoke door、 application for every types of restaurant lisences、exit signs、Emergency lighting .
Testing and Commissioning, including following system:
  • Automatic (heat/smoke) detection system
pre-action sys
  • Manual Fire alarm system
  • Fire Services Hose Reel
  • Fire Services Hydrant and Fire Services Pumps
  • Fire Services inlets
  • Fire services sprinkler system (sprinkler pump & sprinkler values)
  • Every fixed-building types of installation or equipment
  • fire extinguishers of Electrical switch roomlift machine room& generator room etc.
  • Water pressure testing for Fire services dry hose containing inspect fire hydrant and fire services inlets
  • & Other Fire services Equipment
Our after sales service package (additional) includes:
  • Technical Documentation
    - Installation guide
    - Operation and user manuals
    - Trouble-shooting guide
  • Client Training Courses


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