Our company provides design, the installation, the service and the maintenance service the following system

The range of service includes
Aircraft maintenance and repair facilities
Battery Room & Electrical Charging facilities
Boiler Room
Bowing alleys
Chemical Manufacturing/Processing Plants
Cold Storage area (Group I) minor (under 140 cube metre)
Cold Storage area (Group I) minor (of & over 140 cube metre)
Cold Storage area (Group II)
Commerical Building - High rise
Commerical Building - Low rise
Institutional Building - High rise
Institutional Building - Low rise
Telephone distribution equipment, computer and similar installation
Dangerous good stores
Industrial/godown building - High rise
Industrial/godown building - low rise
Bulk Fuel Storage
Container terminal yards and freight stations
Hotel - High rise
Hotel - Low rise
Lift Machine Room
Consumer electrical equipment: Incorporating transformers, switchgear, generator/alternator and requiring seperate installation
Machine Room ( Group I )
Machine Room ( Group II )
Petro-Chemical Complexes
Railway marshalling yards
Dosmetic Building - High rise
Dosmetic Building - Low rise (Over 3 storeys in height)
Dosmetic Building - Low rise (up to and including 3 storeys in height)
Substation/swithchgear buildings
Road Tunnels
Basement Which exceed 230 cubic metre of usable floor area
Basement not exceeding 230 cubic metre of usable floor area
Audio/Visual Production facilities

The project is many, has not been able to record, welcome to deign to inquire


    A. Assign the project personnel to the building detailed inspection all fire fighting equipment.
    B. If discovered any damage part, will use the digital camera to pat supplies the customer reference.
    C. Provides a specialized appraisal fire fighting equipment present situation report.
    D. Provides a service quotation.
    E . Free non- time limit consultation specialized opinion.
    F . After finishes signs and issues fire certificate FS251 and the transcription submits the fire-fighting division.

When the honored guest like receives this quoted price, the expensive property just carried on or has completed the inspection, but concerned the system to have to service or the replacement components, if had any question to the above question. Welcome to send a telegram as necessary this company Mr. Cheng, settledly provides opinion of and the quoted price the specialty for your excellency.

Hong Kong recent years the economical recession, the resident lived difficultly, this company in line with take the guest as this spirit, provided "the genuine goods at reasonable prices" for the customer the service pledge, hoped your I walked together altogether cross time .


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