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Corporate Social Responsibility

The enterprise society responsibility urges us when processes any significant commercial decision, surely can simultaneously consider these decisions-making to the society, the economy down to the environment influence. Therefore, the enterprise gives dual attention to the object, no longer is pure is the shareholder and the investor, but also has other important partners, including employee, consumer or customer, supplier, respective community, environment down to society and so on. Therefore, the entire society can continue to develop, the enterprise must undertake the social responsibility.

The company continuously has supported the Hong Kong public welfare association besides for many years, positively impels other different types the charitable public welfare activity, assists to improve the social different social stratum public figure's life, strengthens us the cooperation relations which organizes with the public figure and the community. We deeply believed that, must continue to become a furniture society sense of responsibility and the success enterprise, we must the positive back coupling society. Since continuously, the company positively has penetrated the different society to participate in the plan, the support, the share as well as the compassion motion, the grace society group. For example:

Our enterprise society responsibility constructs based on a basic faith in: Penetration service transport business attains the multiple goal, including provides may improve the product and the service which the people lives, the shareholder is find mercied, as well as the affiliation with each correlation public figure and community's communication, understood the corporate business brings influence and society to our expectation.


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