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(Occupational Safety and Health)

Is possible to let the time flow backwards, but also my joyful delightedly interweaves picture, but also I am but an non- sorrowful grief fragment, may not replace with my some smiles has tear the unforgettable time. You understood? you knew? in my side, some class to likes me the colleague putting together the shoulder combat with me, some group of I most like also also the friend person going the same way with my wind and rain. I felt rejoices. I cannot forget your graciousness is, this will be ascends the sky the life to enjoy to me. Year silent, has on the people body from each position which the reason meets, I learn more truths, with derives the different knowledge. The cold wind and is lonely, they call me unceasingly to strive to improve, facing road ahead challenge, also has the courage and the power solves. The adverse circumstance and several permits in the wind and rain, you ignite faint trace light, copes with difficultly despair looks, also has the strength and the energy overcomes but is not afraid and the fear. Any times any places, I read hang you. A face, I actually remember with eternal gratitude.

Arrives this company, I deeply believed all has the same faith with you to have to achieve well the work. In the future day, our each other support and in every possible way will support, has climbed many many poverty-stricken, also crossed has been time and time again bitter. Even though arrived finally us because to work on misunderstands struggles cannot hold, I still not to not shed because I trusted opposite party. Even though our relational how bad, I distressed to feel bad but have not blamed opposite party. My non- word is grateful. I have found the self-confidence in colleague's look and the feature which loses, I achieve for the colleague but arrogant and is proud. I long for any by no means, so long as nearby the well protection body partner, hundred million trillion ten thousand time implores all bitter brain sad royal robes to be able to leave you, will be left over can be joyful and is happy. In is dark and despair looks, may all around find the person, or I may nearby the body, share for you and pour out

I really loved too deeply, also really loved too really. Even whenever I saw in the newspapers some accidental news, in my heart also can the pitiful victim, express the sympathy to their family member. I once tried to donate money to them, make some slightly help. In fact, the crisis revolves us, so long as one is not careful then can make a mistake, has created the accident. My sixth branch has completely understood all, therefore I treasure at present these rackets to keep off very much. Some times, passes through the others company the domain, saw has the harm appearance, I reluctantly have no way to stop, in the heart can implore for them. But walks to the oneself company work site, saw has the similar harm appears the time, I certainly can immediately go forward to prevent, cannot eliminate me also to be able to request to the higher authority properly to process.

The people are tiny and not help, life deceiving people.

What a pity I am not the sentiment and righteousness person, perceptual I am very difficult to believe when one day to receive the colleague unfortunately is injured or the death news, I can how mood and cannot calm look. How regardless of, wants me to like receiving the harm, I am not willing and am cruel enough to, was inferior to killed me then to calculate. I thought that, besides this staff's family member, I then is which most sorrowful, the compunction and feels bad. The company , the first sob person, paces back and forth with anxiously and so on waits on the most recent news. My tears compare in the world the lake rivers to add many, compares the sea vastly to add is deeper. I have these deep sorrows, is as if my whole or partial losing.

Other company despises the professional security health, our company actually takes the professional security health. No matter you are the officer perhaps the front mechanic which manages the labor room, regarding the company said is the precious property, is part which the beloved daughter and does not divide. Simple said that, does not have you, does not have the company. The colleagues unfortunate are injured or the death. On the surface, looked resembles nothing, only is compensates according to the law enjoys. But in the spirit, actually stayed behind has been incomplete, in other colleague minds brand mark. Money although multi-purpose, cannot pull on the life and the human body loses, much less is in mind mind all. Today, I must make a spot regard for the staffs, establishes a good security culture and the professional security healthy system. Perhaps I do not have the qualifications to do, perhaps I do did not calculate any value, perhaps I do not worthy of mentioning, actually only useful wholeheartedly awakens all people's attention, tells the people influence entire life the news. This not merely is deals with the work site the request, but is the price which by one kind inexpensive, simple and the feasible method substitutes is unable to patch. This is not sweet words and honeyed phrases which the company for a while impulse, is not the idle talk and the rumour, but was to a staff pledge of eternal love in ancient times pledge. Expected the colleagues take care well oneself, also expected you are far away the accident. Is willing you to be safe, also hopes your health.



Sincerely this gives to the company and my colleague




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