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My many and many times is praying for heavenly blessing, hopes in colleagues all pain bothersome, the sad royal robes and the pain can become, -odd will get down will be joyful, likes with is happy. Asks you to forget these because of the human sentiment changes in temperature negative wound, ask you to cancel these because is teased by the person has flowed the tear and the long-firing operation is depressed ; Because I and you have same problem, has the same feeling and the same sigh. In the life journey, lonely, melancholy, is anxious, ends with is lonely, not only your alone person, at least also has me. Needs to help a quarter, hoped all around luckily finds the intimate friend in you, or I may accompany nearby your body, shares with you and pours out. Rather I hundred million trillion ten thousand time fall to and feel bad, cannot let you have the least bit half minute the harm. I am the protection star which a space grain can flow, what each minute each quarter is meticulous is you delivers needs, so as to avoid you by reality devastating, shame and division.

My computer invention not merely is a big progress which the humanity lives, is a human civilization big connection. Formerly, the office only had the stationery including the paper, the pen and the bookbinding machines and so on and the typewriter. Now, office besides above tool, but also many many different models computer. The real computer is the people good helper and the companion, brings many conveniences and the advantage, for example, in is short one period between, the people may fast, neatly and effective complete files. But, also some who did know who behind it is sugarcoated poison? some understood what the long time can have not good influence? some who to it to be allowed to say it to have what harm?

Without doubt, the computer and the office work has been unable to separate.

I and you are unable to put down to the computer, understood utilizes it in the work, with likes very much in the labor -odd time accesses the net and plays the game. Passes through your office, saw your good fortune industrious busy record in one has spend several hours time all day, in office to computer work. Is not difficult to understand that, how you are weary, how also is the good fortune pain. This time, all because you sincere and are earnest to the work, my all burdens also reduce few many. Professional is content with one's occupation the manner makes me extremely to respect to you, the firm and resolute unyielding spirit makes me extremely to admire to you. Even if is the monitor glare punctures your both eyes, even if is your garden balsam which the keyboard command likes to look good does not have spend again, even if is...; You still silently endured but were not complaining, but also loyally wholeheartedly was the company. Thes extent that, I do not dare lazy and neglect, cause me often to handle matters for the work the way to make the self-criticism and the introspection.

Yes, the computer brings the bothersome brain in today for the our company staff's professional safety and the health which absent in last. We completely cannot evade do not use the computer, we must face up to the technical developed negative result, specially in computer and its monitor question. The long time uses it, especially other releases radiations and the thermal energy, actually make us to eat needlessly. Thank your love and pays, I thought the company in outside said sorry and thanks, must make some motions, gives up you to rub by the festival. Along with the new legal regulation - Computer safety and health demonstrated the curtain curtain rule becoming effective, the company can have the transformation like to make the correlation the risk assessment, cannot have today in the future the disaster. I vainly hoped for the one day our office computer and the demonstration curtain curtain, again does not have the radiation and the thermal energy disperses, again not the matter which brings for the our company staff's Occupational safety and the health but the headache. I this naive desire, compares a pair forever to have to linger the happy ferris wheel to the lover to be simpler, compares a pair to make this to the lover to live the invariable promise not to calculate rarely. Writes this article, my mood is heavy, at the same time feared can disappoint the colleagues to my expectation, after at the same time feared could you look obtained anticipated satisfying. Suddenly, I did not know may take any sentiment deep speaking, also did not know may use any the adjective. Perhaps my convention spoken language could not move you, perhaps my style could not call several million people to cry, I only had by reason of like changing countenance your sympathy, looked you to be allowed to know the computer and the demonstration curtain fact and the truth. Heartfelt expect to looks you safely, is sincere expect to looks your health.



Sincerely this gives to the company the colleague which works together with me




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