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As the WKS Fire Engineering firm's person in charge, hoped this homepage can provide the practical information for everybody, and even more understood to us. This company officially starts doing business in July, 2001, the goal is impels the engineering development and the electronic commerce. Just like the very many projects same business is same, opens own engineering firm always is one of our desires, formerly rented the cost heavily, was not easy to implement, now the Internet day by day is mature, we happen to utilized itself resources and the technology open the website.

Some people ask us: Hong Kong had the large-scale engineering firm, occupies the field superiority, what do we have compared to their superior place? We believe, the users like patronizing the large-scale engineering firm, also likes the service which likes we equally middle and small scale engineering firm to provide. Because although the middle and small scale engineering firm's class of service are less, but their service often the next to the skin with and conforms to the need. First the price is usually cheaper, two comes the middle and small scale engineering firm to have affinity and the warm atmosphere which one kind is in sole possession of. You entered the middle and small scale engineering firm, very little no good result. We hoped this website also can cause the user to have the similar feeling.

In addition, our also hoped through manages this website to come the reality to participate in Hong Kong the electronic commerce, because although present everybody talk the electronic commerce, the Hong Kong electronic commerce development actually still in the start stage, by far fell behind other advanced countries. Hong Kong must develop the science and technology, really must add a vigor. We expected this website can find high-quality service at the same time for you which needs, also can grow together with Hong Kong's electronic commerce.

Besides the project service, the fire product sale is the WKS Fire Engineering firm's another important service.

If, the WKS Fire Engineering firm sells the fire product, is the quality guarantee, believed nobody can oppose. Since continuously, WKS Fire Engineering firm regardless of is sells the fire extinguisher, the detector, sprinkler and the emergency lighting, or the fire door, the flowered prime fire prevention thing, our purchase policy all is requests the high innate nature the work, has specialized manner which rather lacks do not overflow.

Also is precisely because has achieved the quality guarantee, establishes the high quality brand, the WKS Fire Engineering firm becomes many high innate nature manufacturer chooses when the proxy for theirs painstaking care product the first choice.

The WKS Fire Engineering firm therefore all enjoys in this locality and the overseas has the great reputation, except that because we request in various aspects service rigorously outside, since long ago we warm-heartedly impel the Hong Kong Occupational safety and health and the protection environment culture, also receives public figure's affirmation and the appreciation. Our sincere believing, conducts each kind of Occupational safety and health activity, encourages the staff to pay attention to the security, encourages the environment protection, is our body for a engineering individual contribution responsibility.

But in order to strengthen with the general users' communication, simultaneously provides newest related information and so on project service, fire product sale for the user, we have set up this website. We hoped through the on-line relation, establishes closer relations with you, also hoped you can give the opinion.

Without doubt, Hong Kong has become me and a user's inalienable part, regarding we which grows together say, have say the endless sentiment. This family forever belongs to us, we loves it, it also warmly hugs our all. Follows the life, we in this birth, study with the love, so that marriage and so on. In order to this family prospers stabilizes, in order to enjoy a good and prosperous life and the life is joyful, we do not have the word not to worry pays, best hands over. After the return, this place has had many matters. SARS, the birds and beasts flu, the financial storm change with other nature and man-made disasters the Pearl of the Orient is a mass of cuts and bruises, makes our that to have a thing in the world, makes we to change... ... ... . However, we are willing to go through fire or water for you, are you which is sincere offer our first. The management project service and the fire product sale enterprise, we do not dare to say has the very great sense of mission., but in some degree, we indeed hoped can the affiliation high quality project service and the fire product sale, makes 1. contributions to the society to the engineering.


Sincerely this gives to the company customer and the Hong Kong resident

Ricky Cheng



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