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WKS Fire Engineering Company win "Webcare Award 2005"

The Internet lets the different social stratum public figure enjoy the capital the circulation and the on-line transaction convenience, thus promotion life innate nature, however, all people all can find mercy by no means the advanced science and technology advantage. Web Care Campaign" to carry out by the I Internet Professional Association, is for the purpose of the on-line environment which creates passes unimpeded, enables the society weakest group similarly to enjoy the benefit which the Internet brings. This can be a non-profit specialized association, devotes to shrink the narrow digital mutual lack of understanding, facilitates environment which on the Internet passes unimpeded, causes more residents, specially has the need the public figure and the disabled public figure, all can enjoy the advantage which the Internet brings. The Internet specialist association believed that, each person should have the equal opportunity, shares information which today knowledge world provides. This meeting indicated that, this is the rights of citizens which the resident should enjoy, and pointed out the WKS Fire Engineering Company is practicing this kind of right aspect to take on the strong character.

WKS Fire Engineering Company starts in August, 2005 when rallies the website, namely considered regards bonds the public figure the need, advanced in the design many has facilitated them to read "the tool". The recent WKS Fire Engineering Company depends on website, obtains "Webcare Award " the award item. This time wins an award the website to be able to achieve the host institution the request, can provide the website environment which easy to use and to watch, designs and can look after weakly regards and loses one's sight public figure's need.

Web Care Award
Webmaster obtain award from guests
Award presentation
Web Care Award
Webmaster obtain award from guests

Award presentation

Web sites will be awarded only if they have fulfilled or achieved all three attributes.

1. Effective Communication of Ideas

1.1 Expressiveness and Clarity
------Ease of navigation and content presentation
1.2 Presentation Method
------Consistency in Web layout and structure
1.3 Comprehensive Instruction
------Clearly stated steps, download methods and flow of windows

2. Proper Use of Language

2.1 Consistency in use of language, e.g. Cantonese / Traditional Chinese
2.2 Grammatical proficiency

3.Clever use of Graphic Design

3.1 Availability of alt-text / caption on graphics
3.2 Employment of pop up descriptions

Another photo of Award presentation
Logo of Web Care Campaign
Another photo of Award presentation
Logo of Web Care Campaign

WKS Fire Engineering Company believe Improving the accessibility of web pages not only addresses people with disability, it also helps to improve the general usability of a website. From the business point of view, accessible websites help companies to enlarge their customer base as their product information and services are easily accessed by people with disability and other customers in general.

Being the leading Fire Engineering service provider in the Greater China region,WKS Fire Engineering Company provides quality services to the market whereas the benefits of the people in need has never been forsaken. The Web Care Award recognition reinforces our embedded value of caring for the community. WKS Fire Engineering Company will by all means continue to fuel the development of Internet usage in HK.


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