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Smoke extraction systems

「Dynamic smoke extraction system」

"Dynamic smoke extraction system" as "A mechanical ventilating system capable of removing smoke and products of combustion from a designated fire compartment, and also supplying fresh air in such a manner as to maintain a specified smoke free zone below the smoke layer."

「Static smoke extraction system」

"Static smoke extraction system" as "A smoke extraction system utilizating smoke reservoirs; localised ducting; and permanent openings and / or automatic opening of windows, panels or external louvers actuated by smoke detectors; to remove, on the principles of natural ventilation, smoke and products of combustion from a designated fire compartment."

Static smoke extraction system may be provided, as the alternative to the Dynamic smokeextraction system if ALL of these three conditions are satisfied:

( a ) smoke reservoirs each not exceeding 500 square metres in area can be provided under theceiling by fixed or automatically operated smoke screens to the specifications as contained inPart V, and

( b ) the horizontal distance between the perimeter of any smoke reservoir and the external wallof the building where windows, panels or external louvres functioning as smoke outlets areinstalled, does not exceed 30 metres and that one side of the reservoir shall abut the external Wall.

( C) the aggregate area of windows, panels or external louvers functioning as smoke outlets is not less than 2% of the floor area this system serves, and that at least half of these outlets are operable by automatic actuating devices.

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