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Dear Sir or Madam,

Special Notice & Press announcement for dismissal of an employee

This is to announce that the WKS Fire Engineering Company ceased to employ Mr. Chan Ka Yin since 1 September 2009.

From that day onward, Mr. Chan's duties with the company have been terminated and he has been discharged from his present privileges and power given to him by the company and he is not able to enter into any business dealings with anyone on behalf of the company. Recently, our company found he impersonates our company, issue false invoices to customers in additional to stick label on fire extinguishers. We believe that we need to report this suspicion case to police because his behaviours is related to client¡¯s benefits and offence the Hong Kong Laws. The Police Case Number is WCH RN 09053174. Please call Wan Chai police office (Tel: 28287450) or dial 999 at once if clients are cheated by him. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Due to this event, our company follows the advice from Wan Chai police office and inform client taking care of this event. However, some clients still have loss in money. In addition, our company understands client condition in depth to find some behaviour which offence crimes as following:

1. Counterfeit our company staff, issue false or invalid invoices of our company, stick our company label on fire extinguisher and then collect the cash payment from customer.

2. He professed that he has splited from our company, open a new registered company, then issue a invoice which name ¡°Venetian Fire Engineering Company¡±, (but this company is not registered by Hong Kong Fire Services Department), after that, stick ¡°false¡± our company label on fire extinguisher and at final collect the cash payment from customer. (No F.S 251 Certificates and valid invoices)

In order to reduce any losses from customer, our company will post the mail to client before our staff visit the site. During the site visit, our staff will provide following evidence and document. Customer should pays the attention. For matters relating to our employee / any activities, or any other issues, please feel free to contact us.

1. Valid permits issuing from our company for client recognition.
2. This Special Notice from our company (Chop by our company)
3. Year 2009 invoices from our company for client (yellow copy version)£¬
4. Year 2010 (Fire Services Annual Inspection Notices)
Many thanks for your support and Hope to see you soon!
Happy New Year!

WKS Fire Engineering Company
2 January 2010




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